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Has your company become too complex? Are you considering how your company’s sales, product development and production can be optimized and co-operate to a higher degree? If so, Simplimize is relevant for your company.

All optimization begins with simplification

Simplimize is a systematic and operational procedure that simplifies and optimizes your company’s product range, reduces costs in all stages and improves the ability to develop new market-relevant and competitive products. The goal is to optimize your business to achieve growth and higher earnings. Simplimize consists of 6 tools, which create an overall outline of your market, simplifies your product range and optimizes your production.

Simplimize has been tested in co-operation with more than 40 companies. They appreciate a better contribution margin, lower tie-up of capital and faster delivery – but the best part is, that they now develop and introduce new products with a level of consistency and accuracy that is unheard of while also doing it faster than they would have ever dreamed of.

Are you selling customized products at standard rates?

Your company grows and aquires more and more product variants and customized solutions. That means increased costs, complexity and declining profits. In the global competition, companies often let the product range vary based on customer needs. When the number of product variants increases, so does the costs and complexity – but the profits? They decrease. That’s just not good business.

Research shows that your company can gain considerable benefits by simplifying its product range by the help of an operational product strategy. In this way you create a clear distinction between standard products and customized products – to the benefit of both you and your customers.

Fewer costs – more innovation

Simplimize is created based on the realization that productivity cannot solely be optimized by adjusting your company’s processes, but much more so by adjusting your products and services. With Simplimize you build a structure in your company’s product range, that ensures rationalization and growth. Simultaneously you reduce the costs of sales, logistics, production and development.

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