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In-house Simplimize education programme


The in-house Simplimize education programme is meant for those who wish to embed a simplification mindset in their company and apply Simplimize as a systematic approach to driving simplification projects on their own.

In-house Simplimize education programme adapted to your company

It might be completely new to you, or you might already be working with simplification and modularization in your company? Under all circumstances you are in need of a systematic approach, a common language and hands-on tools that ensure a deep embedding of the mindset based on simplification and modularization in the company – spanning from sales over construction to development.

By applying Simplimize as your approach you get an operational and systematic framework for creating a simplified, modularized and flexible product platform with fewer stock-keeping units and products, that favor simplification and map out the potential for reduction of internal complexity.

With an In-house Simplimize education programme you will recieve a basic understanding of Simplimize while simultaneously learning to use the six Simplimize tools through solving an internal case. The programme consists of 3 course sessions with one week separating each session.

After completing this programme you will be able to:

  • Understand the Simplimize approach and the 6 tools.
  • Identify where in your company complexity occurs.
  • Establish and apply a common language based on simplification across all departments in the company
  • Analyse the content of the tools in terms of simplification and data management.
  • Identify opportunities for improving the profitability and growth of a product family.
  • Adapt the Simplimize tools for use at your company.

The form of the programme varies between instruction, solving case exercises and discussion. Centre for Simplimize happily assists you with dialogue on adaptation of the tools to your company.

The programme is fit for at least 6 and no more that 12 participants. Centre for Simplimize happily assists you in choosing the optimal project team.

3 course days of 7 hours each with 2 instructors
89.995 DKK + tax

More information?
Contact Troels Andersen at +45 7220 1689 or [email protected] for more information.

The overall lesson plan is as follows – but we adapt the plan for your company in cooperation with you:

  • The background of Simplimize
  • Walk-through of the 6 tools
  • Instruction in Segmentation and Attribute analysis
  • Recap of the Attribute analysis
  • Instruction in the Function outline
  • Customer  and function perspective of the Product Family Master Plan
  • Component perspective of the PFMP → home assignment
  • Recap of the PFMP – completion
  • The generic production flow → Customer Order Decoupling
  • Portfolio card, new technology and future development
  • Adaptation of the Simplimize tools