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About Centre for Simplimize

Background for Simplimize

The Danish Industry Foundation has since 2012 been the initiator for and financier of the different development phases of a coherent set of tools originally named ”Radical Simplification through Design”, but which is now called ”Simplimize – simplify to optimize”. The idea behind Simplimize originates from a dialogue between The Danish Industry Foundation and the Technical University of Denmark – DTU Mekanik and DTU Management as well as Danish Design Centre.
Read more about the background for Simplimize here (only in Danish).

Fewer costs – more innovation

Simplimize is based on the acknowledgement that productivity cannot solely be optimized by adjusting your company’s processes, but even more so by adjusting your products and services. With Simplimize you build a structure in your compnay’s product range, that ensures rationalisation and growth. At the same time you reduce the costs of sales, logistics, production and development.

Centre for Simplimize

Centre for Simplimize at The Danish Technological Institute unifies knowledge, education and tools within the field of simplification of companies’ product ranges under the same roof and acts as a central meeting point for companies, organisations and consultants working with simplification, product configuration and module-based production.

Simplimize must be accessible to all

Centre for Simplimize is working for a more competitive Denmark, and in connection with that it is our finest job to make the Simplimize approach operational and accessible to all – companies as well as consultants and business promoters.

We will help you find the way into Simplimize for exactly your company. Contact us if you want to know more about Simplimize and your options for aquiring more knowledge and getting started.

Where to find us

  • Centre for Simplimize, the Danish Technological Institute
  • + 45 7220 2941
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